Is God the Matchmaker?


Have you experienced your share of dead-end crushes and relationships? Even while you were in them, you may have tried your hardest to stay as close to the Lord as possible, trusting His leading. You may be praying right now, or in those moments of loneliness, for a husband or a wife, and still, satisfactory results and this kind of happiness have eluded you.

You’re not alone; many single men and women today have a harder time building serious relationships and looking for life partners they can marry and build a happy family life with.  One reason true love doesn't present itself is because singles are looking in the wrong places. They may seek this special gift in a bar, a nightclub or at a party.  The trouble is that, even though our culture promises otherwise, these settings are designed for temporary fun and excitement, perhaps excellent for one-night stands or short-term affairs! They are not places that lend themselves to getting to know another. They are  too noisy for good conversation.  People are on the best behavior they can muster.  An abundance of alcohol is often involved, and if we're under too much of its influence, we see the other through an altered lens. Most importantly, the superficial distractions make it difficult to  hear God speak within us so we know His direction for our love lives.   Since God is the ultimate and true matchmaker, why not open ourselves to His presence and gifts in this part of our lives too?

How does it work?


GTM is a Faith Based, Friendship and Courtship support service that begins with Speed Dating. We serve adults aged 21 and over.  

The journey to real love must start with Godly singles continuing to focus on the principles of our faith. Once we have connected with someone special, building a relationship takes time and a lot of communication so that that couples get to know one another. That means learning about the other’s hopes and fears, dreams and sorrows. Truth be told, these things are usually not discussed until two people let their guards down and become at ease together. 

God the Matchmaker (GTM) allows special singles who love the Lord to meet like-minded people of the opposite sex with whom they can fellowship and share the life of faith. Singles status may be: never married, divorced, have annulled marriages or be widowed. People who are separated are asked not to participate unless their marriage reaches a final resolution that results in their being single.

To begin, fill out the contact sheet and we'll be in touch with you within 24 hours.  You'll receive an application by email.  Complete it and send it back to us.  Once your registration fee is received by Paypal or CashApp, your background screening will be completed.  You'll receive an invitation to an orientation, and to the February 14 speed dating event.

When you find that match, enjoy a complimentary first date on us.  And when things start to crystalize into a meaningful and lasting partnership, you'll have a faith community to support you with spiritual direction across  smooth or bumpy patches. 

Come and see what He has for you.


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